We utilize Ozone therapies to help patients get to a healthier state. Most dental problems are caused by bacteria. If we can reduce the bacteria in your mouth, most dental issues could be under control.

Oral tissues are known to heal faster with ozone therapy.

Ozone can be utilized as a gas and bubbled into water and oils.

Many oral conditions like gum disease, decay, cold sores, canker sores, gum infections, fungal infections, extractions and dental implants can benefit from the use of ozone therapies.

We can Ozone gas onto sensitive teeth to eliminate tooth sensitivity. Our patients are amazed when we do this.

Ozone gas is especially useful in treating children because it reduces sensitivity, kills bacteria on the tooth and can eliminate the use of needles and the dental drill.

Ozone kills bacteria, virus’, fungi and even parasites. These microorganisms have no natural defense against Ozone. We are essentially disinfecting these areas.

Ozone also increases the oxygen content in the blood which enhances the immune system and allows a rapid healing process.

 Scientific research is numerous in support of Ozone therapies. It was first utilized in dentistry in the early 1930’s in Switzerland. Since then there has been a worldwide use but it has been used in the United States for the last twenty-five years.

Our office has been utilizing Ozone for twelve years and counting. We are grateful that we have such an effective tool in our dental toolbox to help our patients in so many different ways.




http://www.dentalozone.co.uk (Extensive bibliogaphy)
http://www.kavo.com (Dozens of downloadable PDF files)


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