Why Lumineers?


 Lumineers are designed to provide a gorgeous result with simplicity and comfort in mind.


Your smile and comfort is our priority. We are committed to offering the latest advances in dental techniques and technology to our patients. Our team is dedicated to ensuring a professional dental experience that addresses your individual needs. With over 20 years of experience, we understand and provide gentle care that fits into your busy schedule.


 Lumineers are the #1 patient-requested veneer! They are digitally designed to be about as thin as a contact lens and be applied seamlessly over your existing smile.


Lumineers solve a variety of dental problems:                    

•Permanently brighten stained or discolored teeth                                                                 

•Restore chipped teeth

•Eliminate spacing and gaps

•Align crooked teeth

•Reshape small or misshapen teeth

•Refresh old dental work

•Perfect your Hollywood smile

What are the benefits of choosing Lumineers?

•Attach seamlessly to your existing teeth

•Incredibly strong, but remarkably thin

•Two quick and easy office visits

•Typically no pain, no drilling and no shots

•Nearly 30 years of clinically proven results*

*Data on file


Not All Veneers Are Made the Same. You Deserve the Best, So Accept No Imitations.


Traditional veneers require preparation, anesthetic shots and the placement of temporaries that delay the procedure. Due to the thickness of a traditional veneer, the removal process is more aggressive and can irreversibly damage the healthy tooth structure.


 Lumineers are minimally invasive and tend to eliminate the need for anesthetic shots and temporaries, allowing you to look and feel great! Many dentists can offer traditional veneers, however few can offer their patients the Lumineers difference. Dr. Syn is a Lumineers certified dentist, meaning he is able to provide you the latest in veneer technology and benefits





LumiSmile* – Picture your PERFECT Smile!


Preview your Lumineers smile through advanced digital imaging.

LumiSmile gives you the unique opportunity of seeing gaps, stains or crooked teeth transformed into a full, white, straight smile. It also allows you to see a preview of your enhanced smile with whitening.


It's Easy:

 1. Dr. Syn takes a digital photograph of your current smile

 2. A professional LumiSmile artist creates a digital image of Lumineers applied to your teeth

 3. Before you leave the office on your first visit, you will receive a personalized portfolio of your perfect Lumineers smile to share with friends and family


*Actual results may vary. This is not a guarantee of actual veneer or whitening results



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