Dental Implants

Dental Implants

A dental implant is an artificial root placed permanently in your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge.

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Dentistry has always tried to replace missing teeth. Historically, the methods included plastic acrylics, gold, and porcelain materials. While these are still viable options, all of them rested on the gums or anchored to adjacent teeth, unlike natural teeth.

The greatest advancement in dentistry in the twentieth century was the use of synthetic roots to replace missing teeth. They anchor back into the bone, just like natural teeth. What makes them so great is that they put the force back on the bone, where it was meant to be, and take it off adjacent teeth. When older methods are used, the neighboring teeth are overloaded, and thus don’t last as long. By having the bone support the area with synthetic roots, not only are you making the neighboring teeth last longer, but you are also preventing bone loss.

Bone in the jaws is stimulated by the teeth roots. When you lose a tooth, the jaw loses 25% of bone in the first year, and 40% in three years. Furthermore, plastic dentures resting on the gums speeds up this rate of loss. Synthetic roots are the only option that will stop this “osteoporosis-like” action in the mouth, and stimulate the bone to keep it healthy. Fortunately, if someone has already lost much of their bone, we have many creative ways to grow new bone to support synthetic roots.

Also, plastic teeth are very uncomfortable. They slide around, and only have 25-50% the chewing ability of normal teeth. With synthetic roots, you have 200% the chewing strength of natural teeth. And, because they are not removable, they psychologically feel like they are a part of you, versus a piece of plastic that comes in and out.

Dr. Syn and his staff would be more than happy to offer a complimentary consultation to anyone with questions about missing teeth.

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