A new employer required that I received a complete physical prior to deployment overseas. I had a very good dentist in the Redding California area, however, my new employer insisted on an objective dental examination. I agreed to drive over an hour to see Wayne Syn. When I arrived, I experienced an attractive and modern reception area. I was greeted by friendly staff that made me feel instantly welcome. I spent very little time in the waiting room and was soon ushered into an examination room. I soon experienced assistants who spent time with me as they explained the procedures. Their explanation was necessary because this dental practice utilized the most advanced dental technology I have ever experienced. It seemed that in addition to my examination, some minor dental work was required and Dr. Wayne offered to provide the service the same day knowing I was to deploy overseas shortly. My experiences with other dentistry’s always required that I fit into their schedule which often times was months in advance. Dr. Wayne made every attempt to serve me in my unique situation. I was so impressed with the level of quality dentistry; I asked if Dr. Wayne would be my family dentist. During that same visit, Dr. Wayne performed expertly the repair of a small crack on my front tooth. The repair was flawless.
Several months later as I was working overseas, I experienced a loose crown on a rear molar. I called Dr. Wayne and as usual, he found a way to provide my dental care. I flew back home and arrived at the dental office. In less than two hours, while watching local news, Dr. Wayne removed the old crown, repaired the existing tooth, applied state-of-the-art cad cam software and created an exact Cerec crown cut by two robotic lasers. My previous dentist would have taken impressions and the installation of the new crown would require an additional visit. I tried hard not to look impressed, but was simply unable.
During that same visit, I talked my wife Judy into seeing Dr. Wayne. Judy was happy with her dentist . She was reluctant to try a new dentist because she experienced very sensitive gums but agreed to go. Dr. Wayne took such care with my wife that she too was impressed and asked for Dr. Wayne to be her family dentist.
Standing while talking with a co-worker Russ McMorrow in Afghanistan, I bragged about my dental experiences. Mr. McMorrow said that he too had a great dentist who also could create a Cerec crown from two robotic lasers. I looked surprised and then offered my dentist name was Dr. Wayne Syn. Mr. McMorrow replied that his dentist was Dr. Wayne Syn. I asked, “From Orland, California”? Mr. McMorrow said, “Yep”. Two men talking about a dentist 7500 miles away must be a great dentist. He is.

Michael Duffy

We cannot praise Dr Wayne Syn enough for the six years he has been our dentist. Dr Syn is by far one of the finest dentists we have ever been to for complete dental treatment. Not only is Dr Syn's work very professional and of top quality, his wonderful staff, who greet you with a smile when you arrive, are also quality professionals. Leaving California for beautiful Tennessee was a big step for us, because it meant leaving Dr Syn and his staff. We certainty will miss them.

We can assure you that if you are searching for quality dental work from a caring dentist and staff, you need look no further. You have found it.

William & Janice Smith

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