DIAGNOdent laser


The DIAGNOdent is a laser-probe handpiece that uses 1-milliwatt, 655-nanometer wavelength light for the detection of caries. The device, which is intended as an adjunct to the clinical and radiographic detection of caries, works by shining pulsed light of a known wavelength onto the tooth surface via specially-designed tips. After a baseline measurement of the patient's healthy tooth structure is made, the tip is placed on questionable areas of the tooth and slowly rotated or rocked with a pendulum-like motion. The unit's internal processor interprets changes in the level of fluorescence of the light emitted back by the tooth as indicative of caries. A numerical reading is displayed on the front of the DIAGNOdent and an audible signal is sounded.

Dr Syn uses the DIAGNOdent in our office for the wonderful benefits that it offers our patients.  With the use of the DIAGNOdent he can detect cavities when they are still very small. This allows him to use a minimally invasive procedure called Air Abrasion to remove the decay and place a white filling without the use of any anesthetic.  This allows for a much faster appointment without that numb feeling afterwards.


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